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IM Tour

The IMTour project was proposed by Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), an arts service nonprofit, to serve artists by reducing their time burden experience in identifying, connecting with, and presenting visual and/or performing arts to the public and, at the same time, the arts community allowing to save money through the introduction of operating efficiencies related to the web. The primary purpose of the site is to facilitate the booking of contemporary independent musicians by nonprofit presenters.

objectives and daily challenges

Implement the project according to client requests and deliver it in time for release day. The project started as an MVP and it was important to consider the scalability and extensibility factors for the future.

Technical Approach

Architecture Design
3-tier architecture (Data, Application, Presentation)


Implement all the modules and respect the timeline
Changing requests
Implement specifications
API to communicate with external applications


The project is scheduled to be launched in July 2016.

team and timelines


Experienced people which already have developed similar applications.

  • 1 senior backend developer and db architect
  • 1 senior frontend developer
  • 1 tester
  • 1 local project manager
  • 1 sys admin

Number of hours worked:

  • over 3000 MH

Team Work Schedule:

  • Adaptable according to clients needs
  • Availability outside working hours


  • daily communication with client through Skype, e-mail
  • weekly meetings
  • technical analysis
  • improvements suggestions
  • clear and transparent milestones and timeline
  • no delays
  • transparency (if mistakes were done, we reported them to the client, assumed responsibility and fixed for free)
  • direct involvement of CTO and CEO

Explanation to choosing Angular:

Angular is a web framework intended to help the development process and provide clean and maintainable code. It uses a MVVM architecture with an extended controller over the templates and event binding done at the API level. Angular also has a directive system that provides most of the basic features used on the Web (lists, grids, inputs, actions, etc) and the possibility to create and/or extend specific ones. With these an application can be developed without investing much time in low level controllers. The selection of AngularJS was done based on the previous good experiences for the development of similar applications. Additionally, it currently represents one of the most requested, well-known and widely used solutions on the market. (examples of AngularJS based Web Applications (MVPs and Demos) developed by Barandi included).