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ExpenseBite is an application designed to ease out the process of managing a restaurant. It provides a system of keeping the inventories up-to- date and leverage the data through accounting reports, place orders to vendors, view and track receipts and notify vendors of any issues that could arise and pay invoices electronically.

objectives and daily challenges

The client's objective was to create a cloud based application that would help the entire process of managing a restaurant, and monetize it by selling accounts and promoting vendors' products.

One of the greatest challenges we faced was to build an offline mode that would allow the users to make changes, for example when inside the storage where Wi-Fi might not be available, and synchronise the changes with the server once online mode is available. We managed to do this with the help of Angular's storage features and the power of Doctrine's data management. Another challenge was to suggest managers an ideal amount of products according to how frequent they were ordered and consumed so they would never run out, but still not waste. The inventory menu displays for each item the amount of missing goods from the ideal count and at the touch of a button an order for all of these products is made and ready to be sent to the vendors. Maybe the greatest challenge we faced was not from a technical perspective, rather from a consulting one. The client imposed a specific database architecture and data model that weren't always the right solutions for the right issues, but in the end we managed to get to an even ground and have the project finished in the estimated time and budget.


From a technical perspective the application was delivered in it's best shape with all requested features implemented and tested, and with the desire to extend it's functionality. From a business standpoint, the application itself has been a success among start-ups, as the customer has participated with the initial MVP at several events and trade shows in the USA. He is already monetizing the Beta and plans with continuing with additional modules starting this summer.

team and timelines


  • 1 senior front-end developer
  • 1 senior back-end developer
  • 1 team lead

Time and hours:

  • over 1 year and over 1000 hours logged


AngularJS, custom PHP, PosgreSQL, Doctrine


We had at least one weekly stand-up meeting and during each meeting we analyzed the client's specs and discuss each feature until everything was crystal clear. When needed we jumped in with suggestion regarding the application's looks, it's user experience to make it friendlier and easier to use, possibility of marketing advertising, issues that could arise and coding best practices and existing code that could improve performance or development process.