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eChallenge, by Symmetra

eChallenge is a gamified online platform that turns learning into a game, and it's designed to make the players experience refreshingly different. Mainly, it was built using the main web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but the final product gives you a complete dynamical experience using motion, sound effects and a single page application game page that makes it very interactive and responsive.

objectives and daily challenges

Our focus is to maintain the application, continuously add new features according to client's needs and optimize it every day. We started to work on an existing and heavy full jQuery based game. And even though we were looking at a very professional built architecture, the increasing number of customers eChallenge had, turned maintaining and growing the app and existing features, using the current programming languages, a real challenge. That is why, while on one hand we're optimizing the application, on the other one we're preparing a new one, adding new features in such matter that they'll be 100% compatible.


The result of our ongoing collaboration is a great application that is gaining more and more traction and customers every day, so basically we are laying the cornerstone for a very long term collaboration, as this application keeps growing and expanding.

team and timelines

In time, we have dedicated at least 2 senior front-end developers to this project, specialized in JavaScript technologies and we have always managed to adapt to his development needs and budget when allocating resources. We have almost a year working on this project and hundreds of hours have been logged and we are expecting for the collaboration to continue all throughout this year as well. (at least)


Inspite of the fact that we are working with a multi-national and ethnic team (back-end development being done in the UK, desing in Japan, while the PM team and product owners are located in Audtralia), through flexibility and adaptability we have become part of the “team” . And we're always close to the client on making decisions not only about technical, but also about business aspects.

Our focus is on

  • making sure that the application is working perfect on all devices
  • it's as easy as possible to maintain so that new features are implemented without strong architecture changes
  • client's users are always having the best experience while using the app
  • raise all bugs or leak points and quickly find solutions
  • focus on the client's business idea and come up with solutions that fit