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As a company, we are focused on web development, in other words we're developing custom applications for any industry, trying to always stay on top of the innovation in our field and working with the newest and strongest technologies. And since we are building custom, end to end, web apps, tailored to our clients every need we are specialized in a very wide range of both front and back-end technologies, while also offering DevOps and monitoring services.

Front-end Technologies

As a general approach we are trying to leverage the client side as much as possible and when it comes to web, JavaScript is the answer in our opinion. That's why our technologies of choice are:

When it comes to the UI Development

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS - these are all established technologies, the one that are wordwide used for UI development and our developers are using them for over 10 years now.

When it comes to Business Logic

We are specialized in working with JavaScript frameworks, suck as jQuery, Angular JS or ReactJS. Why Angular and React? After working with several JS frameworks, we have chosen these two as our star frameworks, out of several reasons that strongly differentiate them from other classical JS MVC frameworks:

  • Speed- these two frameworks allow us to create apps that are really fast and user friendly and at the same time, the front-end development time is much shorter;
  • Flexibility and a high degree of customization- the apps that we build using these technologies fit our customer's every need, as these technologies allow a very high degree of customization on the front-end;
  • Maintainability- the apps built with them are easily maintainable during the development process as well as after their official launch;
  • Maximum Modularity and Scalability- both frameworks are modular at their core, thus allowing us to develops applications in "steps" starting with an MVP that can be tested early and continuing with additional modules. Furthermore, the modularity will allow you to grow your application on the long term, without worrying that the earlier versions might crash or that you would need to build it from scratch over and over again.

front end technologies
front end technologies: angular and react

We have adopted both frameworks (Angular and React) very early, shortly after they have been launched and we are developing apps with both, based on what we consider to be more suitable to help our customers meet their objectives.

angular logo

Angular JS

is a very complete and complex framework, that has already reached it's maturity and is perfect if you want to build an app from ground 0, as it allows us to develop a highly professional and user-friendly front end.
Angular has already reached version 2.0 and one of its greatest advantages is the amount of information you can find about it and the very strong community this framework has gathered around.

react logo


is a younger framework and its main advantage as opposed to other JS frameworks and even Angular is its degree of flexibility. So using React is definitely the best choice if you already have an existing app that needs some revamping on the front-end, because this framework allows you to work in a modular manner and update your modules one by one, based on your immediate needs with the best usage of your budget.

Back-end Technologies

When it comes to your servers, we have experimented with almost all the latest technologies, from Microsoft based to any open source scripting languages and frameworks, but our main focus is on PHP and NodeJS.

The PHP frameworks

The PHP frameworks where we are specialized in are Zend, Symfony, Laravel, Phalcon and CodeIgniter and we're using them together with ORMs such as Doctrine and Propel, too.

zend logo

symfony logo

Zend and Symfony - we have been using them especially for building large scale, corporate applications and our developers have specialized in these technologies, as they are definetly strong, optimized and complex PHP frameworks. Symfony's greatest advantage is the speed and it's very suitable for apps that have a very rigid structure behind.
The Zend framework is much more flexible and adaptable and it's the answer if your app will need a very high degree of customization.
Both frameworks are stable and have a strong community with a lot of research around.

laravel logo

Laravel- is the new kid on the block and at this point it's considered the most popular PHP framework. It has a huge user base, since it combines the base concepts that have built Ruby on Rails, with the best parts from other PHP frameworks. Being quite similar to Symfony in some respects, we recommend Laravel since it's a suitable framework for any kind of app, even it's a complex, enterprise or start-up MVP.

phalcon logo

Phalcon- it's a more exotic PHP framework, since it's not used on a such large scale. This framework is not that fast in terms of development, but it's definitely the star when it comes to speed processing. So we believe Phalcon to be the most suitable framework when developing apps for which lighting-fast speed is the key.

codeigniter logo

CodeIgniter- is the most famous and well established PHP framework and it's the perfect one for building both simple, small as well as big and complex apps. Since it's one of the best documented framework.

backend technologies
devops sysadmin tools technologies

When it comes to JavaScript in the backend

We have also built several apps that are based on ExpressJS, HapiJS, MEAN stack and other multiple feature-specific tools that make apps stronger and safer. In this case, NodeJS is our technology of choice, it's biggest advantage being the fact that it allows us to easily build interactive apps that deal with a large amount of real time information. And in time we have also learned that NodeJS works like a charm as part of the MEAN stack.

While having years of experience with conventional web technologies on the LAMP stack, we've also specialized on the MEAN stack. As opposed to the so called LAMP stack, the MEAN stack also brings a new, more effective work process as it allows the same JS developer to work both on the front and back-end part of an app and the result is a strong app that is easly to maintain, improve and scale, on the long term.

Data Storage

In terms of Database Architecture and Maintenance, we are specialized on both relational and non-relational systems: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB and others. And what differentiate us is our initial deep understanding of the project, that always allows us to recommend the choose of the best database engine, that being in our opinion the key to a successful project.

DevOps and SysAdmin tools

We always have a vision for a complete delivery solution and we're using tools like Grunt, Gulp, WebPack and almost any Continuous Integration tool like Docker, Vagrant and so on.
On top of these, we're ready to offer maintainability, monitoring and DevOps services using technologies like Jenkins, Ansible, Grafana, OpenStack and more others. We're also happy to work with any third-party service for deploying or hosting, as long as it's based on Git.